Farm Visits

We have an open-gate policy here at Knopp Branch Farm. Over the years we have received such good advice and help from so many different people, and we hope to pass some of it along. Sometimes advice or help arrived just in time to avert catastrophe, and sometimes it arrived when disaster had already happened but it gave us a road map to recovery. The help and support from which we have benefited inspires us to try to pay it forward, and so continue the good karma.

Family and friends have been visiting us since our beginning. We hosted our first school group visit this spring and hope to have more classes visiting in the future. Chefs come out to see where their veggies come from and have helped with the harvest. Market customers have come to find out why our veggies taste so good. The curious have come to see what those crazy new folks from the city are up to, and aspiring farmers have come out to see if they might be able to do it too. We share plants and sources and are happy to help shorten the learning curve for  anyone willing to try gardening or farming. The only thing more fun than giving free advice is being asked to give free advice!

We have started to organize an intern program. For those who want to do some serious work in return for some serious learning, we have openings and can offer overnight accommodations in the too-swanky-for-chickens chicken house. For volunteers who want to make a visit and get their hands dirty, we offer work and a good meal and whatever is in season to take home as a thank you.

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