A Haiku Kind of Day on the Farm

Dedicated to David P., Poet Laureate of Knopp Branch Farm

Old gray barn torn down.
Concrete cistern rolled away.

Instantly repurposed.
Floating blue, the lotus bloom.
Soon mosquitoes hatch.

Buzzing insects bite.
Introducing, the goldfish!
The problem eaten.

Golden jewels swim.
Perched owl swoops, fish for dinner.
Dogs after the owl.

Farmer’s wife hunts dogs.
Hunting dogs run for husband.
Hunter shields dogs.

Fish gone, bugs return.                                                   Hawk scares away owl.
Sleeping husband buzzed, bitten.                                 Fish replaced, dogs are banished.
Mosquitoes must die.                                                      Wife happy, husband sleeps.Чехунов Денис Миколайовичонлайн магазин косметики и парфюмерииst petersburg ermitage

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